Master of Arts in Technical Communication (MATC)

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The MATC program provides two tailored educational tracks. One track guides students seeking a thesis path while the other guides those seeking internship opportunities. The program is offered completely online with opportunities for in-person classes, student interaction, and collaboration.

What are the employment opportunities for a Master's in Technical Communication?

Person writing at a desk with pen and paper.

Content Creation

Create content as copywriters, technical writers, software documentation writers, UX writers, website writers, public policy & government writers, grant writers, and medical writers.

Person sits at a desk with two computer screens.


Design for information architecture, instructional design, web design, UX design, product designs, service experience & client solutions design, and technical illustrations.

Man stands looking at a wall with paper notes attached to it.


Lead teams in content resource management, project management, information security management, client solutions strategists, training coordinators, SEO strategists, and editors.

Five women are working around a table with documents.


Conduct research as usability experience analysts, qualitative researchers, UX/UI researchers, design researchers, market researchers, and usability testers.

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